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Matthias Weischer

Matthias Weischer’s dream homes defy all spatial logic. He creates an urban scene that is a surprise of improbable construction by fully utilizing illusion. In som paintings the line between internal and external space is blurred. The pursuit of wonder and delight replaces obsession and madness in a never-ending labyrinth of banality. Objects such sink beneath their supporting surfaces, the floor blends inconspicuously with the counter, shelves and table tops sway in high winds, and so on.

Weischer’s interior paintings expose the framework of aesthetic illusion. By combining geometric fields of hard-edged abstraction with beautifully rendered ornamental details, his rich surfaces play with the tension between flatness and 3D. Unsettling angles, dizzying patterns, and visual riddles reminiscent of Escher’s work all gently hint to the uncanny. Surrealism infiltrates suburban normalcy in the shape of internal shrubbery, an impossibly flat piano, and a table devoid of shadows in Living Room.

Weischer starts with a picture of an empty room and builds his imagined spaces layer by layer, expanding the limits of what can be viewed as space with each new addition. His paintings vividly reflect the artificial character of their hallucination. The artist creates the appearance of space by his application and arrangement.

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