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Kristina Jansson

The link between the painting’s surface and its topics is a subject of experimentation in Kristina Jansson’s works. Also, popular culture has an effect on the artworks.

The metaphoric connection between the imagery and human subtexts and desires, such as greed, status, and passion, is a recurring theme in Jansson’s expansive and ambiguous paintings. Using the painting as an aesthetically alluring creation, she is also focused with architectural space, perception, and memory. However, as the work progresses, the significance of the stories shown in the paintings becomes less significant. It is brought into parity with the painting’s materiality. This is true despite the fact that the narrative serves as the painting’s conceptual and thematic motor.

Paintings are never only images in Jansson’s eyes; they are also the result of the conflict between image and medium. A painting is a representation of something, but in reality, the sensuous and subversive qualities of the medium function as a barrier between what is known and what is unknown. Whatever it intends to portray will always be a mishmash of picture and how the material conveys its meaning.

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