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Kelley Walker

Kelley Walker uses advertising and digital media to produce paintings using screen printing, digital printing, or both. His art appropriates and changes historical cultural emblems to highlight the basic flaws with American politics and consumerism.

Walker regularly used large, billboard-like canvases positioned at 90-degree angles and occasionally splattered with abstracted patterns in symbolic white and chocolate, as seen in his 2006 digital painting triptych Black Star Press. Walker’s movements are aggressive in nature, combining pop art, graffiti, and moral rot. He also does sculpture and installation art.

Walker has been making artwork with bricks since 2005, first with silkscreen and then with collaged printed material. His 2.5-meter-tall paintings of powdered silkscreened bricks, made between 2013 and 2014, are bordered and separated with pages from the Italian architectural and design magazine Domus. Walker starts each painting by scanning individual bricks, which he then stacks and silkscreens with a four-color method.

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