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Erik Sigerud

Painting by Erik Sigerud

Erik Sigerud’s paintings represent places, individuals and mental connections. Like interpersonal strains. In addition, the relationship between an individual and a group affects motifs. The same applies to the relationship between the mental and physical worlds.

The motifs represent personal observations. For instance, vague links between global events and one’s own experiences. Another key point to which Sigerud comes back is the issue of how emotions play a role in social contexts. In addition, he often suggests an unwritten story in the picture. With a feeling of undefined menace that contrasts with what is familiar.

On the whole, the paintings depict encounters or lack of encounters. So the idea of meetings is part of the way Sigerud paints. In general, he often paints various parts that contrast one another. At the same time, he adds elements of spatial depth representation. Meanwhile, Erik Sigerud wants spectators to read some of these elements as being at the top of the painting.

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